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About Us

by Pomy
A Beachview with a Quote

As individuals who have explored diverse countries, we often find ourselves pondering the influences and histories behind various cuisines, languages, cultural traditions, and historical places. The COVID-19 pandemic provided us with the opportunity to work from home, prompting us to embark on a unique journey — working and traveling simultaneously.

For us, travel is not merely about leisure; it’s a transformative expedition through history, anthropology, and culture, aimed at enriching ourselves both mentally and intellectually. Our ability to work remotely allowed us to venture into different locales, turning each place into a classroom and a workspace.

This blog is our platform to share the knowledge, learning, and travel experiences we’ve gathered along the way. It’s not just a journey for us; it’s an opportunity to connect, learn, and grow. Welcome to our community, where every adventure is a chance for transformation.

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