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Why Does a Chaotic Country Become a La La Land for Global Vloggers?

by Pomy

In recent years, there has been a significant increase in the influx of travel vloggers to Pakistan. According to Al Jazeera, Pakistan has faced an image problem due to various factors such as drone attacks, suicide bomb attacks, religious extremism, political instability, and the killing of Osama Bin Laden. Now, Pakistan is trying to improve this image by collaborating with vloggers. Al Jazeera also states that the Pakistani government has partnered with these social media influencers to enhance the perception of Pakistan abroad.

It’s worth noting that while travel vloggers who come to Pakistan may be presenting the country in a positive light, their motives for doing so can vary. For example, some are looking for affordable travel options, while others are seeking adventure content for their global viewership. Additionally, some vloggers are interested in building a local subscriber base in Pakistan or exploring potential business opportunities in the country. This is made possible by Pakistan’s young population’s use of smartphones and proficiency in English, which allows for widespread access to social media.

Viewers should approach these vlogs with an awareness of their curated perspective. The narratives primarily concentrate on positive aspects to captivate and inspire their predominantly local young fan base, which constitutes most of their social media followers. Local youth are attracted to these social media influencers’ vlogs because they portray positivity and showcase foreigners appreciating their country, thereby boosting their pride.

The vloggers’ narratives frequently center around the spirit of adventure, as exemplified by individuals such as Rosie Gabrielle. She ventures into diverse terrains, showcasing Pakistan’s natural beauty, ranging from Himalayan treks to Cholistan Desert dune escapades. 

Recognizing Pakistan’s untapped tourism potential, some vloggers, like Alex Reynolds, go beyond documenting experiences to initiating tours and establishing businesses, such as women’s hostels, contributing to the economic landscape.

Some American and Turkish vloggers have found more than just travel experiences in Pakistan; they’ve discovered life partners. These love stories, unfolding against the backdrop of Pakistan, enable them to share unique cross-cultural experiences with their subscribers. Beyond the romantic aspect, these relationships also serve a practical purpose. The Pakistani partners of these foreign vloggers wear multiple hats, serving as both cameramen and bodyguards adding a unique dynamic to their romantic narrative.

The tribal regions along Pakistan’s border with Afghanistan, often considered sensitive, become exploration grounds for vloggers who thirst for adventurous stories for their viewership. Documenting daily lives, traditions, and struggles, they shed light on resilient communities. Some even explore historically sensitive sites, including the infamous Abbottabad compound where Osama Bin Laden resided during the last years of his life—venturing into regions with a strong Taliban presence, behaving like ambassadors, undertaking interviews and discussions, emphasizing the importance of fostering dialogue and understanding in bridging gaps in perception while unknowingly ignoring their country’s foreign policy.

Not only that, solo female travelers visited controversial places in the country, such as Sufi dancing gatherings where a group of men, often under the influence of marijuana and similar drugs, danced late at night. Local women tend to avoid such places due to safety concerns. Still, these solo foreign female travelers venture there to capture attractive and unique content to attract local and international viewership.

It is interesting to note that some foreign vloggers take a deep dive into different aspects of Pakistan. They investigate the existence of stereotypes or racism related to skin color in the country. You can explore their narratives by checking out the following links of Korean, African, and White national vloggers.

Other so-called social media influencers explore the religious diversity landscape of Pakistan. They visit churches and interact with the Christian community to learn more about their experiences and treatment in the country. These vloggers also conduct market tours, giving viewers a glimpse of the vibrant local culture and commerce. In addition, they visit modern cities to capture the dynamic urban landscapes and showcase the evolving face of Pakistan.

In conclusion, while it is optimistic that the Pakistani government is taking steps to partner with social media influencers to showcase the country’s positive aspects, it is essential to consider the impact these vloggers may have on the local communities they visit. Introducing liberal ideas to a conservative society can change the cultural fabric of a religious society. Therefore, approach these vlogs with an awareness of their curated perspective and recognize their potential impact on the local social and cultural landscape. Nevertheless, Foreign vloggers achieve their objectives by highlighting the positive attributes of Pakistani society, creating a win-win situation for both parties.

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